Singer Songwriter

Ted MacGillivray

Ted MacGillivray, born in Toronto Ontario, attended Waycroft School, Upper Canada College and Parkdale C.I. with prizes in Science and Dramatic Verse. He studied theatre with Robert Gill at Hart House Theatre (University of Toronto), voice with Charles Jordan, guitar with Elli Kastner and Tony Braden and has attended Buckminster Fuller’s World Game Workshop in Philadelphia. He appeared in plays at Hart House, with the Toronto Alumnae, and in musicals at the Royal Alexandra. He has toured Canada performing his own and others’ work, and has appeared in two of Canada’s major folk festivals, Winnipeg and an early Mariposa, where he was master of ceremonies and artistic director. He was a director of a Toronto YMCA folk-music educational program and was MC and narrator of ‘Canada’s Story in Song’ at the Toronto Exhibition Bandstand.

He has worked in private radio as a writer and announcer, in advertizing agencies (radio/TV producer/production supervisor) and in television as news editor and cameraman, as well as writing and directing several documentary films for private industry and for broadcast by the CBC. He was a cultural interpreter at the Pioneer Village, the media coordinator for Alberta Parks’ Kananaskis Country, was on the staff of the Canadian Broadcaster and Telescreen, has written a weekly column for the Canmore Miner, and was editor of Sing and String (a folk-music publication) and the Automotive Digest. He is a Wiccan initiate and bard, and an ordained Wiccan priest.




Sound clip from xxx:

Marion's Birthday Concert

Marion’s Birthday Concert

4 responses

22 10 2014

Where are you these days?
Bob Leslie (ex Toronto, now New Zealand}

22 10 2014

Great to hear from you! — I’ve often wondered where the last of the true explorers had gone to. I’m on Gabriola Island in BC, and will answer in greater depth later. And, er, ah, welcome to the brave new world.

8 12 2014

Ted: here’s a voice from the past! Do you remember your summer of 1971 at Geneva Park, where you parked your boat at Gov’t Dock? We did a fair amount of pickin’ together, and a song you wrote called For Every Road I taped on reel to reel, and have been playing it ever since. Imagine my delight to hear you doing it on Sound Cloud, just like you always did it over 40 years ago. I’m currently working on an album and would like to record For Every Road on it. Also run the Uptown Folk Club in Edmonton and would like to have you perform there in the near future. Please get back to me and let’s reconnect… if you’ve a mind to. Steve (D 28) Gosse

8 07 2018
William Arnold

Ralph Arnold was talking about Waycroft School and this is the only link which came up, so I said do you know this Ted. He said he doesn’t think you were a boarder but a day student. He mentioned Miss Target and Miss Milthorpe. Says you were a jolly fellow.

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