What I think I believe (if you give a damn)

19 10 2014

What do I believe? Well, in the material world I question my senses and test them against logic. If logic doesn’t refute them, then I provisionally accept what they tell me.

Metaphysically I don’t believe anything. What seems most reasonable to me today is that the Hindus’ concept is fairly close to the truth – that the Universe is born and exists for a googolplex (wow! Dragon got it!) of years called a kalpa, and then collapses to be reborn again. If I understand correctly, it’s born anew, a baby starting all over again from zero. To me that doesn’t make sense. I can’t conceive of any such intelligence not having an archive of what it’s learned over a lifetime of a gazillion years. We have petroglyphs, clay tablets, papyrus, monks copying documents they didn’t understand, we have libraries, so that each generation can build on what previous generations have learned by exploration or accident.

When we discovered that the neutrino *did* have mass I lost my faith. Now the boson is described as massless, but my skepticism remains. We simply don’t know enough and (forgive me) simply dismissing it all by saying that God and/or the Goddess is infinite doesn’t move me. If there is an effect, there has to be a “mechanism.” Our recent understanding that particles can communicate over long distances might suggest a possible mechanism, but that presupposes that there is a pre-existing medium, perhaps space itself.

And of course, far-fetched though it may be, we can’t ignore the possibility that we, and I mean our universe, is just some kind of a computer program in which the galaxies and an assortment of lifeforms like ourselves are just bits of code.

There is a pagan concept “as above so below, so below and v.v.” It is not a universal truth, but it does appear often enough to make it useful. My own shamanic forays have given me some insights into what might or might not be truths. My current theology suggests that before the “big bang” or “rebirth” there was a primitive intelligence, a sort of metaphysical cell that chose to divide itself in two – an act of faith – which initiated creation. And since so much of what we experience contains elements of polarity, I speculate that there are two (2) spirits – I think of them as a Goddess and God – whose interplay keeps the whole process alive and growing. As Bucky Fuller put it, “Unity is plural, and at a minimum, two.”

Since I learned about the ability of photons to change form simultaneously even when separated, I accept the possibility that space may be a medium for the communication and storage of “information.” Which might just possibly conceivably be organized into some kind of a soul buffer to store mammals’ essential metaphysical aspects (if such there be) between the time of the mammal’s death and its reincarnation in another physical body. No I don’t believe that, Bill, but it might actually be possible. Maybe.

I believe that much of the Old Testament stuff is pure mythology or long-range action plans disguised as history. Historically the biblical plagues were centuries apart, and the Jews in Egypt were not slaves but, rather, talented and intelligent citizens occupying positions of power and trust as they exist in our own 21st century civilization. Their “escape from Egypt,” their 40 years in the desert and their conquering and slaughtering of the Canaanites was a metaphor, a blueprint for their current occupation of Palestine. Interesting that most of the people we know as Jews weren’t Hebrews, but Khazars, a nation sandwiched between the Christians on the West and the Muslims on their East, who converted to Judaism wholesale when ordered by their king. Smart move – and the intelligence and culture they’ve brought us at the cost of considerable psychological damage to themselves has benefitted the res of us greatly.

Realizing that the dream of re-creating a pre-Christian paganism to escape the misused Christianity began in the late 19th-century, through mystery cults like the Golden Dawn, the 1950’s birth of Wicca might never have happened in its current form were it not for Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley. They might even have met and discussed it. But the timing was right in that humanity’s misuse of the world’s resources created the need for a nature-based religion.

This is getting far more complicated than I intended, and I think I may have said it better in some of my lyrics and poems. If you’re interested you might want to look at *Genesis* and *Astra* which are on my Witchvox page.

And, please forgive me, I simply can’t believe, beautiful as the myth is, that any human can be crucified (it’s a nasty death by suffocation) and skewered with a spear, then come to life again after being buried for three days, especially in a tropical climate. Christians may say “that proves he wasn’t human,” but I can’t imagine you accepting that fallacious reasoning. As I understand it, the Gospels, commissioned by Constantine, were written by Roman ancestors of the presidents Bush with some help from Pliny the younger, as part of a process to use Christianity to control people. But that might be a myth, too – – –



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