Fashions Change

27 02 2013




 Fashions change, created for a season. There is no rhyme or rhythm:

Meteors will blow away as dust.

This year skirts are longer or the other way around.

Smack and crack are in, or is it smoke and alcohol?

My compass can’t recall what year it is — rollerblades or Rolling Stones

And Shakespeare’s not as young as he used to be

Or is it you? Or is it me?

But if you ask, I’ll tell you how it*s going to be next year —

What you’ll do and who you’ll love and what you’ll wash and wear.

But change and progress aren’t the same 

As Fashions Change.


Fashions Change, created for a season: There is no rhyme or reason.

Iceberg tips in sunlight melt to mist.

This year hair is longer or the other way around.

This year girls love boys,  or is it Love Each Other Week?

My Calendar won’t say what place this is — Renaissance or Babylon

And Jesus isn’t in the inn today

Or is it you, or is it me?                 

But if you ask, I’ll tell you what you’re going to do next year

How you’ll live and how you’ll love and how you’ll wear your hair.

But Change and Progress aren’t the same

As Fashions Change.


Fashions Change, created for a reason: There is no time or season:

Autumn leaves in splendour burn to ash.

This year legs are longer or the other way around.

Breeding is the answer. No, environment’s the key.

My watch just can’t reveal what day this is — Ecology, Astrology,

And Bucky Fuller came a different way

Or was it you? Or was it me?

But if you ask I’ll tell you the economy next year,

How you’ll survive and who you’ll screw and what’s your biggest fear

But change and progress aren’t the same

 As Fashions Change.


In a concert scored for radio, magazines and video

Recordings, news, the media are weaving an illusion

That things are really changing by calling everything a different name

Though everything is really just the same

In a circus chimed on neurotape, tetraphonic audioscape        

Internet in digital stroboscopic alpha wave

Multiscreen in binary modulated mantram hum

Neon mythic metronome —–


                                                                           ted macGillivray





2 responses

12 02 2014
eric matey

about tha poem. I am not educated nor am I a typist. question , im puzzled about not viewing fashion as progress. our view that a choice left room for improvement seems to motivate my reactions the next time im faced with a choice like hairstyle..

12 02 2014

It takes months for an industry to decide on a future fashion theme, to design clothing (for example) to introduce it in fashion shows etc., to design individual garments, to find and choose manufacturers, to actually make the clothes, ship them to stores, arrange the advertising and promotion etc. And the various elements have to be coordinated so that the hairstyles will match the dresses and the shoes. Fashion themes seem to change radically every decade, fashions every year, say, and the modes or sub-themes ad often as every three months. In other words, the Fashion industry, in coordination with the political creators of political and economic attitudes (propaganda) makes money by manipulating the populations tastes and desire to “belong” by manipulating them into spending money on costumes, cars etc. that quickly become obsolete and need to be replaced.

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