A Letter to my Feminist Friends (and others)

15 10 2012

A book that stays in my mind is Riane Eisler’s Sacred Pleasure, subtitled Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body — New Paths to Power and Love. It’s a stunning 495 pages — the references and permissions alone are 20 pages, which makes it a more demanding read than her first book The Chalice and the Blade. Even flaming redneck male chauvinist pigs will have their world shaken by the first 200 pages as they learn how pastoral (herder) cultures destroyed and replaced cooperative and creative agricultural ones, and replaced the philosophy and practice of love and respect for nature with one of death, fear, violence and control. Hey, Gloria, Starhawk, Betty and the rest of you, I’m with you 100 percent. The Goddess’s seat at the table has been vacant far too long.

While I share your outrage and frustration with the slowness of changes that just might save this planet and the human race, I feel that some of your strategies and tactics are self-defeating. There will always be a place for Rosie the Riveter, but when you’re in the boardroom and the political back room, perhaps you might wear camouflage.

For a moment, (forgive the violent example) think of yourself as General Georgia Washington, leading the American revolutionary forces in the 1770’s. The British have a large, well-trained and equipped army. You have a scraggly bunch of amateurs, poorly equipped and trained and without even uniforms. Face-to-face confrontation (the fashion of the day) doesn’t work. The Brits mow your Patriots down.

Your solution is what we now call Guerilla Warfare — sniping at their marching columns from a distance and picking off their officers, shooting from the cover of the woods. Eventually they become so weakened that you can defeat them.

other example: You are Mary Smith, new Board Chairperson of a car manufacturer. You plan to put the giant General Motors out of business. You DON’T start by mounting a gigantic campaign to grab a huge percentage of the market – that will bring on a gigantic reaction which could stop you in your tracks.

What you DO do is aim for a trivial one- or two-percent of their market. They don’t feel threatened enough to retaliate in force, so you win that and go for another little bit — –

Use Diplomacy, diplomacy, diplomacy, concession by concession.

Hail to the Goddess. Peace, Love and success to you all.




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